The Marla Foundation is a 501(c)-(3) corporation.

Planned giving offers extra benefits.

The benefits of planned giving are even greater than that of a one-time gift. Planned giving includes the following:



A bequest or trust distribution to The Marla Foundation will reduce the value of your estate for federal estate tax purposes, and will also be exempt from state inheritance taxes. A bequest can deliver a specific dollar amount or asset, or it can give us a percentage of the remainder of your estate. It can also be payable as a contingent gift, in the case that an individual beneficiary does not survive you.


Donating life insurance

If you choose to name The Marla Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, your estate will receive a deduction for the net proceeds we receive at your death.


Donating retirement funds

Did you know you can designate The Marla Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement plan? When these assets are received, they are usually not subject to income or estate tax. When family members receive these assets, however, they are subject to both taxes, sometimes leaving little money for the beneficiaries.

To learn more about bequests, please contact us at 774-313-7055.


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